Sunday, 12 January 2014

Southlake Craft Fair

Hair Ties in a Jar

Single Hair Ties - Next time I plan to add more pegs and more colors

Rainbow of Hair Ties

Flower Headbands

I used PVC pipes to display headbands on the grid wall.  I purchased pre-cut 2' long PVC pipes, spray painted them white, drilled 2 holes in the back, and then used S-hooks to attach them to the grid wall.  Super Easy!!!

Green is the school color where the craft fair was held so I made sports bow headbands, hair ties, knotted headbands, and flower headbands in green.  These were a huge hit!

 Hair Ties in school colors

This is a super horrible photo, and there are posters all over the wall behind my grid, but here is the grid wall setup in my small space.  

This is my "I can make that" bin - I sold 2-yard lengths of elastic for anyone who wanted to make their own hair ties and headbands.
My awesome helper!!!  You can't even tell he is suffering from horrible jet lag!


  1. Where did you find your "grid" you hung them on?

    1. Sorry for the late response. I have not been on this blog since before our daughter was born. I bought the grid wall at a local fixture store. I highly recommend finding a local store fixture company in your area because these things can be expensive to ship. Picking them up made them super affordable ($20-something each, I think).

  2. Where did you find your "grid" you hung them on?